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Close In the Supreme Court confronted in Roe v. Hodges6 Calif. The Origins and Evolution of National Policy —48 Times July 21,http: Discourse—63http: The core Casey holdings are flatly inconsistent. This Part considers three alternative explanations for the progression of LGBTQ rights and the erosion of abortion rights:

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Close After decades of litigation between Pennsylvania and pro-choice advocates, Pennsylvania had adopted a spousal-notification law that affected relatively few women overall.

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The Spotlight on Lesbian and Gay Characters Positive popular media portrayals of queer individuals presaged and, in some ways, paved the way for legal recognition of same-sex relationships. Close Studies, including the Annenberg study, have documented similar problems with regard to the lack of prominent roles depicting racial minorities. Perry providing a detailed account of the federal lawsuit against Proposition 8. At the same time that positive popular media portrayals of gay and lesbian individuals increased, so too did positive social attitudes toward same-sex relationships. Close But thereafter, in the case of Gonzales v. Close Many openly queer people have complex, moving stories of coming out to friends, parents, teachers, students, bosses, complete strangers, and others. Close More generally, television portrayals of women choosing to have an abortion do not represent women as full, complete characters but rather present them as women with one narrow reason for the abortion.

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According to Chinnis, Justice Powell may have disclaimed knowing any homosexuals to protect Chinnis and other gay clerks. Homosexualitynoting critiques of stereotypical portrayals of homosexual men as promiscuous. For example, the movie Obvious Childreleased inpresents a sympathetic portrait of a stand-up comic who has an abortion. In addition, widespread practices of under-reporting and intentionally misclassifying abortion procedures by women and providers alike results in misconceptions about prevalence. The Roe decision built off Supreme Court decisions in the late s and early s recognizing the right to privacy over the decision to use contraception for both married couples and single people.

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