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If you selected the wrong city during the sign-up process, then your ad will also be posted in the wrong city. If he puts you on his hottie list, you will be able to view his private photo until he removes you from his list. Free members may not reply to members in pay cities unless the paying member has posted his travel ad in the free member's city. Be sure to save your changes by clicking on the save button. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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How to Pay by Money Order:

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Be sure that you are spelling your username and password correctly. Select the change my password link from the your account page. If this option is available, you may mute all incoming audio by clicking on the 'mute audio' button in the message window. Parties can be posted in your home and travel cities. Ads are sorted by most recently online, making it faster and easier to meet guys in your area. If the 'Your Account' tab isn't visible, it is likely a result of you accessing the site from behind a firewall or a problem with your browser's cookie settings. Just select the edit party details link.

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Pick your date, your start time, where you are having it and what is going to be happening at it. If you have paid for your membership with ccBill, you can update your information at https: Contacting us is easy: To get access to another member's private photo, that member must either put you on his hottie list, or send you an email message. If it is not disabled, you will not be able to receive incoming messages from new users. How do I upload a different photo or delete an existing photo?

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