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Insult to bottom gay men in relation to the city of Gomorrah. This is unsubstantiated; the emergence of the slang term in 20th-century American English is unrelated to historical death penalties for homosexuality. Paragraph Protest Collection Germany. Sicilian typical expression to point to a groper, toucher, feeler gay. Expression used in the Italian northeast to refer to the set of homosexual men. Goluboi Gay Dictionary Russia.

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Lepakko Lesbian Dictionary Finland.

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Faggot (slang)

He indicates a halfhearted gay man. Pivo which is derived from piva that is a bagpipe used in ancient Rome. In Italy, it is one of the most harmful, more violent and more difficult to eradicate expressions. It was thought that the origin of this expression was in the Middle Ages when in Italy gays were burned at the stake. Heterosexual person who has no problem in having LGBT friends.

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Some people relate it to the nose naso as a metaphor of the phallus. Retrieved March 2, Views Read View source View history. Turpi figure del vizio. Okama Gay Dictionary Japan. I love Sodom Protest Collection.

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