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Queer Sex Malia wasn't drinking or participating in the activities in the picture but for the fact she was there brought up suspicion. Paint Your Truth Being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame is an honor for any artist, but to have former president Barack Obama introduce you is an honor rightfully reserved for Jay Z. Fans were quick to jump to an implied meaning:

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Those who were fans of Malia or for the legalization of marijuana minimized the situation and accused her critiques of being snobbish or hypocrites because many people have tried marijuana as a youth.

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Why is it so easy to get to Malia? Where is Barack and the secret service to check these kids and their families out? By Sara Delgado. It is important to note that the sex the children are assigned at birth may not correspond with the gender identity, which the twins will decide on their own.

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Emotional Intelligence:

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