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And, inNew Orleans became one of the earliest cities to add gender identity to its list of groups protected from discrimination. Widespread and devastating health pandemics have also been blamed on LGBT people. They were dropping 3, pound sandbags trying to close it up. A central tenet of liberation is the right of people to self-define, to maintain their subjectivity and agency over the course of their lives. InLouisiana earned the distinction of being the first state in the Deep South to pass a hate crimes law that covered sexual orientation, and New Orleans Mayor Marc H. Writing inBuchanan claimed"The poor homosexuals -- they have declared war upon nature, and now nature is extracting an awful retribution. By default, it became a gay-friendly shelter of last resort.

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His bar quickly became a makeshift shelter for tourists and locals alike who had nowhere else to go.

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Insider's Blog. The high priest placed both hands on the goat's head and confessed over it the sins of the people. They were able to keep up with the news only on a portable radio.

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US News.

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