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You have straight guys who are interested in what other guys have and straights who have zero interest, and everything in between. His back was exposed as well as half of his ass. I was walking into the locker room when I noticed a few players from the hockey team watching me with evil grins. I shared what my career is in order to provide context to my story. They are SO unsanitary!

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There are penises all over Western art, it's desensitized the way a living, swinging dick isn't, especially given that locker rooms, which is where straight men have the opportunity to see dicks on other men have become sexually charged over the years.

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Roommate Bonding Time Sometimes coming home after a bad date is alright Christ, at this point I'd PAY to get violated. Do you always sit down to fast? Lee's New Apartment Nothing would get between them, but one genderqueer slut.

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I was planning a shower, so I stripped, and began to read the magazine.

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