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No one fully understands exactly what determines a person's sexual orientation, but it is likely explained by a variety of biological and genetic factors. They feel they have known all along, even before their teen came out to them. Some gay teens say they had same-sex crushes in childhood, just as their heterosexual peers had opposite-sex crushes. Thinking sexually about both the same sex and the opposite sex is quite common as teens sort through their emerging sexual feelings. Topics Children's books The book doctor.

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Luckily for you, young sir, there are an abundance of great books out right now that might help clear up some confusion.

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Others wonder whether the news is really true and whether their teen is sure. They might feel they need to deny who they are or hide an important part of themselves. I understand that these books all pose a bit of a dilemma. They feel they have known all along, even before their teen came out to them. Those who didn't realize they were gay at first often say that they always felt different from their peers, but didn't exactly know why. By middle school, as they enter adolescence, many gay teens already recognize their sexual orientation, whether or not they have revealed it to anyone else.

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There are some ups and downs in it, sure. Sadly, some react with anger, hostility, or rejection. They feel comfortable and secure about being attracted to people of the same gender. But in addition, gay and lesbian teens often deal with an extra layer of stress — like whether they have to hide who they are, whether they will be harassed about being gay, or whether they will face stereotypes or judgments if they are honest about who they are. Neither feels shame about it, and nobody dies of AIDS.

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