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He described how his boss demanded sexual favours before paying his wages. The punishment is public emasculation, impaling and death in the arena. He was then bound to a cross and his legs were held apart by two ropes, exposing his excessively hairy arse-hole. A 19th century print of a nun being flogged shows her breasts exposed, and she has the faint hint of a smile. The cross was then raised to the vertical position, with the wriggling slave still massively 'hard' and dripping spunk.

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As his 'hole' opened, farting and dribbling shit as it did so, the huge, thick stake penetrated him fully, horribly mangling his internal organs — and death came almost instantly.

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True Channel provides a web based interface to enter new payees and modify existing ones. As expected, the older boy who was furiously wanking 'brought himself off' very quickly. They work with the developers to flush out any issues that the development team may have missed.

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