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More iStock Images. He also argued that deviant consumer behavior, by its nature, is very symbolic and must convey negative messages to various audiences including the self audience who, in turn, pass judgments upon the behavior and the individual. Given the scant literature on gay consumers in clothing consumption it is the hope that this paper will serve as a catalyst to marketing researchers and become a useful reference to marketing practitioners. Amtrak's all-inclusive new advertising campaign is drawing praise in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT blogosphere. A new Web site, dot The women portrayed tended to be overly sexualised and feminine — and they often came in pairs.

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Cruz was the first professional boxer to announce himself as gay.

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Instead, marketers need to realize that there are different subcultures within this dream market. Studies come from a number of disciplines, including sexuality, psychology, health care, and most recently market research Penaloza, Browing, Frank Tom Fishburne is founder of Marketoon Studios.

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It is also reasonable to perceive that the location of stores near the gay community will be mentally close to them and produce a higher visit frequency.

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