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The Pali scriptures make no mention of homosexuality being unwise sexual conduct. Gay, straight or otherwise; young, old or somewhere in-between; or simply interested, this vibrant, boisterous carnival offers a fun-filled programme for all. We also propose that we contact Homophile organizations throughout the country and suggest that they hold parallel demonstrations on that day. University of Californian Press, Berkeley, There was little open animosity, and some bystanders applauded when a tall, pretty girl carrying a sign "I am a Lesbian" walked by. Sexual organs were created for reproduction between the male element and the female element — and everything that deviates from that is not acceptable from a Buddhist point of view," [49] while penis-vagina non-procreative sex is not considered to be sexual misconduct.

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Buddhism and sexual orientation

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The New York Times. Soi Bangla awakens when the sun sets. The current Dalai LamaTenzin Gyatso, follows the traditional Tibetan Buddhist assertion that inappropriate sexual behaviour includes lesbian and gay sex, and indeed any sex other than penis-vagina intercourse with one's own monogamous partner, including oral sex, anal sex, and masturbation. The lustful man reveals it in obedience to some lust, the ill-tempered man in consequence of some ill-will, the deluded man under some mistake.

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Retrieved 17 February Duration 1h 15m Free cancellation. S President Barack Obama, May 28, [40]. As a result, western Buddhism is often relatively gay-friendly, especially since the s. HiranoGay Buddhist Marriage?