Gay marriage debate against

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For Christian Nationalists, legalized gay marriage would represent a defeat for their religion in the fight to define the boundaries of American culture and law. They never had the votes in the first place. World Jun 17 Mexico steps up immigration enforcement amid U. It's been flat-lined for three years. Millions of children are waiting to get into after-school. Learn more. Symbols are important; they are a common cultural currency which we each use to help create our sense of self.

gay marriage debate against
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When judges insist on imposing their arbitrary will on the people, the only alternative left to the people is an amendment to the Constitution, the only law a court cannot overturn.

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Millions of children are waiting to get into after-school. In reality, marriage is a societal institution. History reveals, however, that marriage laws in the U. Conservatives mobilized, calling for a federal constitutional ban on gay marriage.

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The argument that something new or some change would undermine or destroy a valued institution is almost inevitable.

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