Gay marriage advocates reject civil unions

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Retrieved May 23, In a one-page order on June 4,the court denied all petitions for rehearing or to reconsider the May 15 ruling and rejected moves to delay enforcement of the decision until after the November election, when Californians voted on a constitutional amendment to overturn the decision. History reveals, however, that marriage laws in the U. CS1 maint: Retrieved July 21, If marriage was so "sacred" they'd also be pursuing the outlawing of heterosexual divorce.

gay marriage advocates reject civil unions
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Yet, even if the tides have recently shifted, that does not make arguments in its favor any more persuasive.

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Murphy, a New Haven lawyer who has represented same-sex couples for 15 years, said it often takes civil union couples two or three times as long to prepare their taxes, because they need to fill out a dummy joint federal return in order to calculate figures they need for their Connecticut joint filing. They further argued that the original petitions, which were circulated before the May 15 court decision, were misleading because the petitions said the initiative would not change the marriage laws and would have no fiscal impact. These households, in turn, form the foundation of a productive society—a society in which, albeit incidentally, children, elders, and others who may be relatively powerless are likely to be protected.

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But beneath all the fiery passion and rhetoric, there are real arguments to evaluate.

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