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Interviews were conducted with a total of 17, men aged 18—44 years in the—, and — NSFG surveys combined. Computer-assisted personal interviewing was used to ask most questions, and Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interviewing ACASI was used to ask sensitive questions, including those about sexual orientation and sexual behavior. They wrote that the strong degree of anti-gay sentiment found among entering cadets declined somewhat during their time at the service academies: The lead researcher carefully examined the interview data and then created codes for the most common themes related to the turning points in their lives and then confirmed with a research assistant, though there were no formal processes of inter-coder reliability conducted. The Articles of War, Approved June 4, ". The results illustrate key turning points for the midlife and older LG adults in the study.

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Marines announced that clubs conducting business on base must admit same-sex spouses.

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Von Steuben escaped Germany where he was threatened with prosecution for homosexuality. Draft Dodgers in Canada from the Vietnam War. Routine screening for antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus, type 1 HIV-1civilian applicants for U. In the section that follows, we highlight the data for each of these themes. Blue discharge Pink certificate. Thus, in order to resist some gender norms and forge different paths, many midlife and older lesbians opted to join the military as young adults.

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The needs of older lesbian and gay men in Chicago. Am I not gay? During in-depth interviews, lesbians and gay male participants were asked about experiences they identified as turning points in their lives, in order to better understand meaning making through the life course. Transgender personnel in the United States military. Another finding that reflects gendered differences amongst the participants is that gay men more frequently identified coming out as gay as being a turning point in their lives than did lesbians. Retrieved July 18,

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