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The Bible says that you will carry penance in sins. Reply What a poor comment. Being slavery a legal affair, the beautiful children of conquered nations were kidnapped and sold in a lucrative market of prostitution. Thank you for your story. In order to understand my coming out story, it is crucial for you to understand where I come from. We started with a prayer and then they asked me what was wrong.

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All my siblings had already moved away and started their own families.

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Views about homosexuality among Jehovah's Witnesses

We ar not perfect. I was brought up as a Witness but I never got baptized. If anything, to keep me too busy to worry about how I was feeling. For a year I spent over 60 hours in the ministry per month going door to door and giving bible studies. I lost almost every friend I had growing up.

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If I were to tell anybody else, I would end up in the elders room where I would be facing an inquiry and possibly even charges against me. I am trying to understand it. I quit my job and began a business. My dad has always been civil and sweet and I am very grateful for that. I can definitely relate to this story. I hope you have found a community of open minded Christians, or another faith, that builds your hope and love for mankind, as I believe is intended for us all.

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