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When he found a nearby policeman, rather than explaining that he was being harassed as a result of his sexuality, he told the policeman that he had been a victim of theft because, he said, "I knew that [the police] would only help me if I told them that I had been robbed. Categories navigate down. We have to live in secret. Activists say the attacks were the most concentrated in recent years. He came to work in Haiti for international charities and, shocked at the situation of gays in the country, he decided to stay.

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In a documentary about gay Haitians was released titled "Of Men and Gods".

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This year, the group scaled back its activities and moved into a modest office in a different neighborhood. Tanker attacks seen as calibrated but risky Iranian response to US sanctions. We felt a very strong connection, so much so we were sure we were created for each other. Legal recognition of sex reassignment by permitting a change of legal gender on an individual's birth certificate.

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His double life is demoralizing, he said, but necessary.

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