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I was the temporary plug to their intimacy problems. Like ruby said, you are in a situation not of your choosing, and though you may understand that he may not have had a choice like me when he was younger to accept being gay, he does have a choice in what he does whilst still being with you. Hey Tired of being, you sound like a beautiful person - please take a moment to acknowledge that. We are muddling along and its ok. Your husband will have a lot of regret in is heart for having lived an incomplete life for so long and then to be thrown this diagnoses….

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Good luck with moving on Esti-you do deserve to be you and to Def-how eloquently you expressed my situation and I do appreciate your support.

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Latent homosexuality

They don't even think about you. Life can never be certain, but we can try to live it with integrity. Mine ended up in a psychiatric unit for 2 months before he could tell me. You must be in a bit of disbelief as to the path your life has taken. That must be so taxing on him.

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A theory that homophobia is a result of latent homosexuality was put forth in the late 20th century. I have to stay and support my husband through his illness, because I do still care for him. Strand Releasing hide caption. We had a really nice talk today about wanting eachother to be happy, the dating scene dread and also how we are going to deal with family, friends and the community we live and work in. Views Read Edit View history. You said that this situation is 'common', and I agree. She was more worried about my mental health than herself.

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