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He positioned his mouth right over my nose and burped extremely loud. I stopped squirming and just lied there at his mercy. Only a few seconds after he ripped three more rapid farts on my face. I squirmed my body so much, but my strength was no match for his. I start to feel better after a few minutes of crying.

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Once again the smell was horrendous, this time like rotten eggs.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I wanted to kill him. Hot guy farting 3 min Swag Lucas - My thought process is interrupted by Connor. Keep sniffing up my farts so we can push those thoughts of that lying slut out of your head. The hot stream of air coming from his ass blows my hair back and dries my eyes out. My nervousness grows more and more after every silent second goes by. Every muscle was defined, especially his hard ass cheeks.

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He sat on my face for another five minutes farting at least six more times. He had blond hair, long legs, and two giant globes for ass cheeks. Connor launches a 6 second fart up my nose. I bury my face into his ass and wedge my nose in between his butt cheeks. He would just talk with his teachers in private and he would instantly ace the class.

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