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Post to Facebook. I started skating so late -- I was 12 -- that even though I'm older than a lot of the competitors, my body is younger. March 24, A sports article on Tuesday about the rivalry between the elite figure skaters Evan Lysacek and Johnny Weir misspelled the surname of a woman on the University of Michigan club team who admires Weir. Fine Johnny, come out of the closet, thats much braver than putting a pink tassle on your outfit, or comparing a routine to snorting coke, and calling it outrageous. It's a dignified show; there's a class to it, and it's been on for more than 25 years. She can give him tips on making his fake tan less splotchy. Weir will wear his fur to the arena, Lysacek his all-black sweats.

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If you see something radioactively orange coming your way, that's him.

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Evan Lysacek had a stellar competitive figure-skating career, capping it with a Winter Olympics gold-medal-winning performance in men's singles. Lukas P. Figure skating was my outlet, it was my breath, it was how I could live and transmit everything I was feeling and everything I had worked for and given up and all these sacrifices I'd made throughout the years.

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Billy Masters.

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