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Hillary Clinton, though, has the same background as President Barack Obama—despite being gay-friendly, she nevertheless once supported that marriage should be defined to mean heterosexual couples and that states should decide for themselves whether and how to recognize same-sex couples. Lots of pro-gay-rights-but-not-there-yet-on-marriage Dems employed the same rhetorical strategy in their effort to defeat an anti-gay-marriage amendment to the U. But they're both on our side now. Bush's term in a politically calculated effort to get out religious right votes. A USA Today article provided a longer version of the same remark: You might also be interested in these:

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Gross tried to get Clinton to explain if she had truly changed her stance or if the shifting political landscape made it possible for her to announce her support.

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InPresident Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act, a law that defined federal marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Robby Soave 6. No bullshit about mists of time, no think-of-the-children fear-mongering. Rating True About this rating.

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Oh, there are queer folks doing it too.

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