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How to live to It does not matter the party, most celebrities make bad politicians. He cant win… I can care less that he choose to reveal his personal sexual behavior to the public, he still wont win…. Lee Garen January 3, at Gomorrah January 3, at 3: Another Homo in a position of legislation to further their agenda.

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Seriously, you are great with them.

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Clay Aiken on Phil Robertson's Anti-Gay Controversy: Society Still Accepts Homophobia

Hearing the Music in Your LifeAiken said, "It's a Southern tradition to be given your first name from your grandmama's maiden name. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He traveled extensively in this role. As fallout from the homophobic controversy continues, several stars, including Robertson's family and Bristol Palinhave spoken out in support of Robertson's conservative views. Ever since Al Franken stole his election, every moron in the world thinks he can be a congressman. Hearing the Music in Your Life " Sabrina Dively You know that's highly unlikely.

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Gary Johnson January 3, at At 19, Clay taught at Brentwood Elementary School in a class of kids with autism. Russ January 3, at 6: Hope he can make it, and good-luck to him. Look what happened the last time Americans voted based on emotions rather then qualifications. The Gay agenda is being forced on America!

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