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Presenting the document at a Vatican news conference, Cardinal Ratzinger said the concept of interreligious dialogue promoted by the second Vatican Council had often been distorted into what he called an "ideology" of dialogue. Christians trying to withdraw economically from all the sectors that might put their values at risk would be doomed to even lower status by means of lower status work, and lower overall life success. Nice global economy you got there. So traditionalists need to shape the whole mental environment not just for their kids, but for themselves. Smith, an Evangelical Christian philosopher, points out that all of life is liturgical, in the sense that all of our actions frame our experiences and train our desires to particular ends. All Christians, these critics say, are commanded to evangelize and proselytize on behalf of the faith.

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But what he seems to share with those Northeast fellow travelers is a common desire for disaffiliation and social distancing.

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Andrew Sullivan, Gay Catholic Blogger, Speculates Pope Is Gay

Religion is nothing more than a nice story, and Christianity is merely born from Paganism e. In her church and religious school, she was fed nothing but the thin gruel of contemporary Christianity, with its shallow theology and upbeat sloganeering. Gradually over generations, and as with all fashions, that view dispersed among the elite classes and then trickled down the social hierarchy until it has hollowed out adherence to the old faith, the excesses of which came to be openly mocked as ridiculous. It has also taken an individualistic approach to faith that leaves it vulnerable to pop culture trends. Where could he go for the support and social reinforcement he realized he needed? During the general election campaign, some prominent Evangelicals and a handful of leading Catholics climbed aboard the Trump train out of naked fear of a Hilary Clinton administration.

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Dreher has written the book from what he calls the small-o orthodox Christian perspective. Once we could play offense. Teach kids how to play music, and start a band. If the state does not collapse, and when the old religions fade in importance and influence, then the state religion persists, evolves, and adapts to fill any vacuum left behind. Which often led to disaster. And what traditionalists are fighting for is the way of life they cherish and which is awesome.

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