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I want to post every gay bar in Detroit that ever was so people can respond with their own stories or what they know about them. I am researching the history of gay bars and places in the city of Detroit. E Mail Ema il your photos of old bars or just to contact me at: Crystal Peacock was located on Greenfield in Detroit. Crow Bar Gay Bar.

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Conquest was located on State Fair in Detroit.

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Interactive map shows Detroit's gay bars since the 1930s

Crow Bar was located on S. Crew's Inn Gay Bar Detroit. Cruise Club was located on Middlebelt in Inkster. I need pictures also of old bars that have since closed. Share you stories about this place in the comments section.

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Crew's Inn Gay Bar Detroit. Club Ultimate Gay Bar Taylor. Club Ultimate was located on Ecorse Rd in Tayor. This blog is also semi-autobiographical, I am going to share my own life stories of bars and places in Detroit. A history of gay bars and places in the city of Detroit, Michigan.

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