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Once it offered movie screenings, fashion shows, poetry readings and conferences, but now the focus is on the parties, they say. Blue and Delaney have been together for most of their lives. They moved to Atlanta from Colorado in Phase One in Decatur. Working in the entertainment industry, Christopher says he constantly has to shoot down generalizations about gay men.

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Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Christopher has lived in Atlanta for about a year and a half.

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Atlanta: Gay Capitol of the South

Both their families were against the union and so did not attend. Gay Capitol of the South Atlanta is the South's most metropolitan city. Ramos and McTear have been partners for almost four years. BJ Roosters in Midtown. Joe's on Juniper Popular gay bar-and-grill. He lives in Atlanta with his husband Rashad Burgess and their two adopted children.

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Atlanta Eagle in Midtown. But for those who actually call it home, Atlanta can be difficult to navigate. Phase One in Decatur. Atlanta has become known as a travel destination for many black gay Americans, who feel it is one of the few places in the south where they can feel safe and free. After the ups and downs of dating in Atlanta they were ready to settle down.

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